Sassy Pinwheels Quilt | Connecting Threads

Sassy Pinwheels Quilt

Sassy Pinwheels Quilt pattern is free piecing pattern, from Connecting Threads,  featuring large solid blocks and half-square triangles in the sashing to create a spinning pinwheel effect.

Today we are answering the question: Is it Quiltable?  YES!


Preview digital mockups on YOUR quilts using PS Designer software. You do not need to own a Pro-Stitcher brand robotic system to preview, create, and use PS Designer software. Anyone can use this versatile vector-based product.

Edge-to-Edge Ideas

Find a couple different edge-to-edge approaches available on for this simple quilt.

Loose Grid Meander is a design that will bring focus to the blocky shapes in the quilt’s arrangement.

Sassy Pinwheels and Loose Grid Meander

The next design, Sketched Edge-to-Edge Design 2, offers the opposite approach with the juxtaposition of soft free-motion style feathers and swirls laid over the simple square shapes.

Sketched E2E Design 2 on Pinwheels

Block Ideas

The large white framed blocks are the perfect area to showcase your favorite block design. Find coordinating sets, like the Basic Blocks Vol 1- Set of 13 Designs, to feature a different fun block in each space, while still creating a cohesive look on the quilt.

Basic Blocks Volume 1 Complete Set | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

Custom Ideas

Let Quiltable help with the custom quilting concept for this Sassy Pinwheels project.

This digital mock-up features designs from the Cocktail Umbrellas 7-piece Set.

Cocktail Umbrellas

The set comes with blocks, borders, corners and edge-to-edge designs. Since this pattern has a pinwheel design in the sashing area, we’ve treated it like its own block. The custom concept features a more detailed block in the white space and a simpler block in the pinwheel.

A cool element to point out is the use of the melon block, shown in green. It is shaped like a football. The design extends into the adjacent space, tying the quilt together.

Cocktail Umbrellas | Quiltable

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