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Latest Pro-Stitcher Premium Releases

This Pro-Stitcher software is specific to the Pro-Stitcher tablet and carriage you use. Be sure to select the correct version based upon your tablet and carriage.


Version 19.07.0506 (Released July 24, 2019)
Install Instructions Here

v506 is available for all Pro-Stitcher Premium compatible tablets. Please watch the video for additional information.

Release Notes

  • Verify settings screen now displays correct SPI
  • Tie-off on resume and pull-up on resume are true one-shot
  • Infinity channel locks now work on Infinity console display on Pro-Stitcher tablet
  • Added quick access handlebar control button for HQ Sixteen users on main screen
  • Allows user to slow Opti-Stitch down to 1
  • Smoother Move function for PS5 carriages
  • Increased velocity for Move function on PS5 carriages
  • Correctly sets monitor height and width on install
  • Opti-Stitch™ is a feature which automatically calculates speed and acceleration to match the quilter’s chosen design and responds with optimal stitch performance. Pro-Stitcher Premium will smoothly slow down and speed up in and out of corners. Designs will be executed with improved accuracy, even with the most intricate patterns.
  • Manual control of speed and acceleration are available within the program so quilters can modify performance if necessary
  • Baste stitch button
  • Motors not locked at end of pattern (can change in settings)
  • Design Points view
  • Improved integration of Infinity thread cutter use at the end of a row or pattern
  • Simulation license is no longer required
  • Some user interface icons have been updated
  • Improved tie-off performance for HQ Sixteen machines
  • Functional tack stitch

Known Issues

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Issue Workaround
Crop does not conform to correct area Minor reposition nudge in any direction
Swap Start/End point baselines designs Make all desired changes prior to swapping start/end point
Long stitch or air stitching after pause on HQ Sixteen machines Instead of Pause/Resume select Pause, then Cancel. Create New Start Point, then select Run.
Pause/Resume Tie-Off or Pull-up designed as a one-time option that needs to be selected every Resume. Currently the selection remains selected but does not tie off Must deselect and reselect Tie-Off or Pull-up on Resume button every time before hitting Resume
End point to Infinity in Skew/Rotate Try the other Skew
If you have a repeated design and you move your start point, then reposition start point does not work Baseline before a new start point

Premium Version 18.11.0461 (Released November 16, 2018)
Install Instructions Here

Release Notes

  • Supports Art and Stitch 5
  • Eliminates long stitch after tie off on Amara, Forte, and Infinity machines
  • SA5-271-78M8 (Acer Switch Alpha 12 i7) added to Master Machine Names list
  • Tablet temperature reduction (further reduces CPU usage)
  • Eliminates long stitch during tie off
  • Simulation button no longer disappears
  • Modify selection (transform to select wouldn’t update screen to show)
  • Updated text in Help
  • Fixed two minor crop bugs
  • Image thumbnail improvements
  • Thread break sensor removed for non-compatible machine types
  • Logging crash fixed
  • Changes Original Height and Original Width to Original H and Original W so it fits in the icon boxes
  • Reset works for flip and mirror
  • Improved crop so it no longer disconnects merged jump points
  • Closing PS Standard and running PS Premium works without reboot or reinstall. However, closing PS Premium and running PS Standard does not work.
  • Basting stitches added for compatible Avante machines
  • Default maximum motor speed set for 2200 instead of 1800 for compatible HQ Avanté machines
  • Max tie-off distance is .25
  • Amara/Forte Tension Reset button has warning/instruction “Are you sure you want to reset tension?” and refers customer to user manual
  • Baseline no longer closes the selected window pane on the right side of the screen
  • Console has tray icon so user can exit/view logs (must right click on tray icon to access)
  • Installer removes HQF files in the Handi Quilter Designs folders and replaces them with HQV files. Triangles HQF files have not been completed yet so they will continue to be a mix of HQF and HQV.
  • PS Icon on OSKStarter bar no longer launches the PS Premium program if it is already.  If open, it correctly toggles between desktop screen and Pro-Stitcher Premium screen.  If not already open, it will launch.
  • Installer has Forte option added
  • Updater will always install the machine console icons
  • Updater will always install desktop shortcut
  • SW312-31 (Acer Switch 3) added to Master Machine Names list
  • User will be prompted if Pre-Install needs to be run
  • Prevents jump lines from being stitched out
  • User can no longer change design selection during pause
  • Fixed a bug where a bad design would prevent other designs from working
  • Improves stability of HQV file loading
  • Turns off location polling when the user presses the Run button, which reduces likelihood of losing communication during stitching
  • Reduces CPU usage, which potentially reduces tablet temperature and reduces likelihood of losing communication between machine and PS tablet
  • Sidebar no longer is hidden after selecting Baseline after a modification
  • Can select Basting stitches for Avante and Sweet versions with hardware support
  • No longer auto-runs updates (should prevent Amara machines from reverting to other machine types)
  • Improves communications between Infinity/Amara machines and the PSP program
  • Reduces likelihood of unwanted tie-offs
  • Resizing a multi-point area works correctly
  • Simulator does not require Designs Folder on computer to load correctly
  • Preinstall included
  • Reposition Zero works correctly
  • Simulation crosshairs are green and icon updated
  • Corrected max speeds
  • No longer shows “NAN” in rotation
  • Clearing the Area also clears the trace
  • Purple freehand crosshairs move correctly on Infinity machines
  • New Diagrams for threading
  • Reposition current works if you reposition start it clears current
  • New Start/End working correctly
  • HQ Amara machine option added
  • Channel locks enabled during stitch out
  • Improved Area Resize behavior
  • Changed motor icon for Simulation
  • Simulator no longer requires FTDI and motor DLLs to be installed
  • Fixed slow stitch-out for levered carriages
  • Fixed “multiple application has stopped working” crashes
  • Numeric fields now allow a decimal point
  • New Feature: Audible beep is heard when Area or Mark points are set
  • New Feature: Rubberband Area
  • New: Red crosshairs when in Simulation Mode
  • Default torque limit is now set to 100 and reverts to default if invalid limit entered
  • Improves calculator stability
  • Improves communications with Infinity
  • Resolves camera errors/crashes for Infinity
  • Simulation license button available on Alpha 12 tablets
  • Channel lock buttons disabled during stitch out
  • Half/full stitch enabled during pause
  • Ability to set Auto Jump to 0
  • Improved simulator for non-English operating computers
  • Duplicated or copied designs/groups retain name and are numbered to differentiate
  • Improves digital design file quality for some HQ designs

Premium Version 17.02.0416 (Released February 20, 2017)
Download Instructions Here

Release Notes

  • Improves software stability and decreases frozen screens and program crashes
  • Improves new/auto start point functionalities
  • Restores proper functionality of Resume after Drag and Drop
  • Restores stitch ability between two mark points in freehand record
  • Adds tie/off and pull-up on Resume during Pause state
  • Improves stability of jump line drawings
  • Segment counter added
  • Create Simulation License button added
  • Encrypted designs now recognized
  • Restores Infinity camera functionality with Premium
  • Includes all new digital designs (some were missing in previous versions)

BETA Pro-Stitcher Premium Release

This Pro-Stitcher software is specific to the Pro-Stitcher tablet and carriage you use. Be sure to select the correct version based upon your tablet and carriage.


Latest Premium Version

There is no beta version available right now. Check back later!

What is Beta software? 

Beta software refers to computer software that has gone through our internal testing processes, but has not yet been tested in the real world, and therefore is not officially released as a final version. Releasing a Beta version allows Pro-Stitcher engineers to get bug fixes and new features into quilters hands sooner, and gives quilters the opportunity to provide feedback to our developers. Remember, you can always rollback to a previous version if you find you are having difficulties.

Latest Pro-Stitcher Standard Release

This Pro-Stitcher software is specific to the Pro-Stitcher tablet you use. Be sure to select the correct version based upon your tablet.


For tablets Asus EEEPC, Acer W500, and HP Omni:

Standard Version 16.01.0092 (Released January 20, 2016)
Install Instructions Here

For tablets Acer W700, Acer Aspire Switch 11, and Acer Alpha 12:

Standard Version 17.03.0209 (Released March 21, 2017)
Download Instructions Here

The last release version of the classic software was 12.1.03 and is available for download here.