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Loving this sashing in the Geo Wishbone set from prostitcher.com. #prostitcher #prostitcherquilting #quiltsashing ...

We have something fun for you! PS Members have access to the first Quilter`s Coloring Pages, in addition to your downloads and NEW quilt pattern. #prostitcher #prostitcherquilting #prostitchereasy #quilterscoloringbook #adultcoloringbook #coloringbook #quiltdesigns #wholeclothdesigns ...

Repost @allthingsquiltingscv • Custom quilting with ProStitcher❣️combining designs, mirroring, stitching 2 rows at a time…oh my!! So much you can do with ProStitcher ❣️❣️ #handiquilter #prostitcherquilting #prostitcher ...

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Oh my gosh, so many wonderful designs to chose from! I have stitched so many of them out and all are just as adorable as the previous one. If you haven’t checked out this selection of quilting designs, you are definitely missing out. Thanks to all of the wonderful designers for their expertise.

Micki C

I’m so glad I found prostitcher.com!  The designs are really innovative.  My favorite set so far is the  Mix and Match Mandala Set.  This set allows you to be creative and use the parts to create your own designs.  It’s so much fun!

I love the bread and butter edge to edge designs! It is so nice to be able to pick a design that I know is going to be “fast stitching” or without back-tracking. Thank you, Pro-Stitcher!

Kristina W., Kristina's Quilting

What a wonderful site. I like the designs available on Pro-Stitcher. It is so easy to shop on the site.  The customer service is so helpful, just a quick email and help is on the way. They are so patience when explaining the answer to my question and how I need to proceed. Thanks to all at prostitcher.com.

Karen M.