Yarns, Digital Designs, and The Couching Foot

Yarn couching seems to be all the rage lately. Even better that you can create yarn-couched projects with your robotic longarm system. Today, we’ll learn how to take a simple Baltimore Album Block and transform it into couched, raw-edge applique block. Create one block to learn this method and then apply it to your next project.

Start with the Baltimore Album Volume 1 Block 9 Design for this yarn couching adventure.

D-Blo-BCV1-9-JRE, Baltimore Concepts Volume 1 Block 9 Quiltable Jen Eskridge

  • Load the design into your longarm, setting it to at least 12″ x 12″. Larger blocks are even better.
  • Save the design/settings.
  • Load a solid piece dark fabric, batting, and backing as you would normally load a quilt.

Baltimore Album Yarn Couching | Quiltable

  • Lay a lighter fabric (orange calico) on top, basting around the outside edges with pins or with a long basting stitch.

Baltimore Album Yarn Couching | Quiltable

  • Stitch the design through the four layers.
  • Using curved or duck-bill scissors, trim the brighter calico fabric away from the stitching line.

Baltimore Album Yarn Couching | Quiltable

  • Remove all excess fabric from the block and quilting area.

Baltimore Album Yarn Couching | Quiltable

  • Switch the longarm presser foot to the couching foot.
  • Load thick chenille yarn into the foot. Notice the needle is still threaded and ready to stitch.

Baltimore Album Yarn Couching | Quiltable

  • Realign the digital design with the stitched real-life design. It may have shifted slightly during the trimming process. For this next step, we are stitching directly over the first quilting. They yarn will cover the trimmed raw edges.
  • Once aligned, stitch the block.
  • Carefully feed the yarn into the couching foot as it stitches.

Baltimore Album Yarn Couching | Quiltable


When the foot stitches completely around the design and ties off at the start/end point, simply trim the couching yarn and threads. The block is finished and is definitely an unexpected twist to the traditional Baltimore Album Block.


Love the Look?

If you love the look, grab the entire Baltimore Album collections for your digital library.

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #prostitcher when sharing.

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