Clamorama Volume 1

Clamorama 10-Piece Set | Quiltable | Cathie Zimmerman


This week’s featured set is Clamorama Volume 1. This wonderful collection is developed by Pro-Stitcher’s in-house design team and is a perfect way to showcase the classic clamshell shape.

The clamshell design is a staple of traditional quilting and has made its way into the modern/contemporary quilting arena with patterns such as Latifah Saafir’s  large Glam Clam pattern.

This is a basic clamshell quilt design:

Basic Clamshell Design


Clamorama Volume 1 offers the clean Plain Jane design, which is great for stitching along the seam lines of the quilt (also known as Stitch in the Ditch.)

Clamorama 1 Plain Jane

Make perfect circle-based arcs suitable to finish the quilt or add in your own free-motion designs. All of this, without a ruler!

Keep in mind, this design can be stitched on ALL types of quilts, not just the inspiration Clamshell Quilt.

The variety comes in with the additional designs:

Not only does Clamorama Volume 1 give a variety of different filled-clamshell shapes, it also stitches in the ditch with each design.

Clamorama 6 Curly

Clamorama 6 Curly | Quiltable | Cathie Zimmerman

Mix and Match

Our favorite part of this week’s set is that the designs are all interchangeable! The designs all link along their arc and will seamlessly fit with one another.

Clamorama 10-Piece Set

Mix them all or simply mix a few.

Clamorama 10-Piece Set Clamorama 10-Piece Set

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #prostitcher when sharing.

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