When purchasing a design, you may have the perfect quilt in mind for its end-use. But, you can always get more out of your design by arranging it in a different or unconventional format. Today we look at a right triangle designed as a setting triangle.

We’re featuring the Feather and Curl Triangle Setting block from the Metro Rings Set. This block is sold as part of the set or as an individual design.

Double Wedding Ring Variation Set | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

The Feather and Curl Triangle Setting block is shown in BLUE in the image below:

Double Wedding Ring Variation Set | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

Tip of the Week: A Border Design Hiding Plain Sight

You’ll notice this design is created to fit in a 90 degree right triangle starting and stopping at the left and right sides.

Metro Rings Endpoints | Quiltable

This open-ended style will allow you to use this design as an BORDER motif.

Steps to Creating a Border

1. Open the design in your software, or follow these steps on your printed design.

2. The end-points fall on the same point along the Y-axis. This means the design should link together in your robotic quilting system software.

3. Using your system, repeat the design to create a row, snapped together at the endpoints.

Metro Rings Row | Quiltable

4. Use this design as a border accent by adding any number of simple designs, such as piano keys, to the outside edge.

Metro Rings Row | Quiltable

5. Like the look of this border design? Now try taking the connected row, copying it, and flipping the copy.

Metro Rings Row Duplicated | Quiltable

6. Nest the two design rows within each other for an even more complex border design.

Metro Rings Row Duplicated and Nested | Quiltable

You’ll notice the design in step 6 is continuous and does not produce a perfect rectangle. You will need to crop this new border design to fit the space in which you are quilting.

Enjoy this tip from Pro-Stitcher!

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