Casablanca Block


You may recognizes this week’s This Pattern That Block feature as Casablanca, Moda’s Stitch Pink Block 17. This beautiful block is simple in design but has a sense of motion when dark, medium, and light fabrics are arranged in a symmetrical fashion. The design also has a prominent diagonal component in both directions creating a visual X. Keep this in mind when selecting the quilting design.


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Quilt It!Casablanca Block

We’ve selected three designs that look fantastic on this simple and clean block.

On-Point Medallion is our first example. The design is shown in the catalog with its corners pointing in N, E, S, and W directions.

On-Point Medallion

By simply rotating the design 45-degrees in your longarm quilting robotic software, you can stitch this design on the Casablanca block. The extended point gently highlight the diagonal lines of the block.

On-Point Medallion Block

Curly Block is our second option. This block is also shown on-point in the catalog.

Curly Block

Its soft curled lines really soften the angular look of the block.

Curly Block

A word of caution, this block stitches directly on the X lines of the block. Use it carefully as to not draw attention to any piecing discrepancies along those strong lines. Watch it stitch here:

Curly Block

Stacked Flower Block is another fun option for this block. Unlike the first two, Stacked Flower Block gives an all-over quilting feel to the Casablanca block.

Stacked Flower Block

Notice this block has lines that stitch around the block’s perimeter. When placing the design, consider using the robotic quilting systems’ “fit within a square” setting to place this design exactly along the block’s edges.

Stacked Flower Block

Choosing to set the design 1/4″ to 1/2″ small than the finished block is also an option. Frame the design by stitching in the ditch around the perimeter with horizontal/vertical channel locks or rulers to really showcase the block and the quilting.

Stacked Flower Block | Quiltable

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