Overlapping Designs

This week’s Trick of the Week is knowing when to overlap designs. Honestly, Pro-Stitcher recommends always trying out different spacing options when planning the quilt design. Surprises are around every corner! Kites Edge-to-Edge Design 1 is a perfect example of varied spacing and overlapping to yield strikingly different results.

Kites Edge-to-Edge Design 1

The kites are originally designed to meet up, point to point. The line work looks a bit reminiscent of lead line on a stained-glass window. Let’s mix it up a bit.


In the robotic quilting system settings, select horizontal row spacing to a negative number. Let’s pick a small amount first.

With the scale of the original Kites design set to 8″ wide, the overlap shown below is -0.5″.

Overlapping Kites

With the scale of the original design set to 8″ wide, the overlap shown below is -2″.  This effect creates much more density and allows the quilter to not need to align each point perfectly. Win/Win.

Overlapping Kites


Conversely, we can spread the design farther apart for an even different look. These settings are in the repeat function of the quilting system.

The design is much more loose and almost creates negative image kites with a 1″ spacing setting.

Overlapping Kites


Staggering is a favorite technique here at Pro-Stitcher. To stagger the rows in a design, look to the horizontal row settings.

The below image is staggered by 50%, and overlapped by 1″, for the scale we are using.

Overlapping Kites

While the artwork lines themselves do NOT actually touch or overlap, the overlap setting is necessary. The robotic system sees the top of one row and the bottom of the second as overlapping, as illustrated in RED:

Overlapping Kites

Jump in! Give it a try. Kites Edge-to-Edge Design 1 is a perfect place to start.

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #prostitcher when sharing.

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