Kapow! Quilt

The Kapow Quilt is a fat-quarter friendly design by Kustom Kwilts’ Joanna Marsh.

Kapow Quilt

The large quilt block includes a bit of background/white space but doesn’t actually have borders or sashing. The quilting designs we’ve picked from the Pro-Stitcher Patterns library trick the eye into seeing sashings in this contemporary design.


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Kapow Quilt | Quiltable

These blocks are big. Be mindful of your longarm throat size when choosing a design.

To stitch over the foreground colors with a single block, choose something big with nice sprawling lines, like Delicious Fanfare Block 1.

Delicious Fanfare Block

The design is scaled and centered on the block.

Delicious Fanfare Block | Quiltable

If you opt to stitch the block in halves to better accommodate quilting space, consider a curled triangle design like Double Irish Chain Corner Block 2.

Double Irish Chain Corner Block 2

This design is reflected along the horizontal and vertical axis to create a similar feel to the Delicious Fanfare block. You’ll notice the difference in the block’s center.

Double Irish Chain Corner Block 2

Faux Sashing

To create a faux sashing appearance, use the Basic Plain Border Feather design around the perimeter of the block. It is something to add such a timeless traditional design to a fresh modern pattern.

Basic Plain Border Feather | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

First add the border along the top and bottom, stopping at the center. You may need to stretch the design slightly to fit close to the block’s stitching design.

Basic Plain Border Feather

Next, add the vertical feathers, squeezing them into the remaining space.

Basic Plain Border Feather

The Quilt

When the quilt is completed, you’ll see how the feather design creates a unique secondary design on the beautiful Kapow! Quilt.

Kapow Quilt Layout

Kapow Quilt Layout

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