Clown Hats Edge-to-Edge is our Featured Design of the Week!


The Clown Hat Edge-to-Edge design is part of the March 2021 Set: Crazy Carnival.  The design itself was originally inspired by, you guessed, the hat of a circus clown. The artwork is simplified and abstracted a bit which is one of the reasons it is the feature of the week.

Since this design is part of a larger set, it also has coordinating pieces. The fluffy end of the hat is re-envisioned as a flower for the Elephant Corner designs, too.

On a Quilt

Since this design is a bit abstract, it is perfect for a variety of themes.

  • Flowers
  • Bouquet
  • Wedding
  • Ice Cream
  • Youth
  • Baby
  • Clown/Circus/Carnival

With designs that have a some-what recognizable motif, we recommend pairing it with suggesting fabrics. By this we mean: If the design is paired with a modern flower bouquet quilt, the design will be associated with flowers. If the design is paired with bright clown fabrics, it will be associated as a clown accessory. Its all about presentation.


Preview digital mockups on YOUR quilts using PS Designer software. You do not need to own a Pro-Stitcher brand robotic system to preview, create, and use PS Designer software. Anyone can use this versatile vector-based product.

Note: This is a digital mock-up made using various Drunkard’s Path style blocks. There is no piecing pattern.

Flower Bouquet using Clown Hat E2E | Quiltable

The same could be true if we appliqued circles on top of each other to create HUGE ice cream cones. This quick-stitching edge-to-edge design can be anything you’d like it to be.

Note: This is a digital mock-up made using various sizes of appliqued circles onto solid background. There is no piecing pattern.

Ice Cream Cone Quilt | Quiltable

Fabric shown in original  Mod Flower Quilt mock up is Sunshine Terrace by Connecting Threads.

Fabric shown in original  Ice Cream Cone Quilt mock up is Maison Rouge by Connecting Threads.

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #prostitcher when sharing.

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