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Churn Dash Block

This week’s featured This Pattern + That Block is the Churn Dash block. This is one of the most recognizable traditional quilting blocks, shown in two colors. Of course, modern quilters have adapted the design, too, by varying scale and construction.

When planning a Churn Dash Block, light, medium, and dark fabrics will change the look of the design. To arrange the blocks below, we opted to work symmetrically.

Churn Dash | Quiltable

Let’s look at the fabric placement in terms of light, medium, and dark values. The block will look completely different:

Churn Dash | Quiltable

In two cases, the color placement creates a round effect.

Churn Dash | Quiltable

And in other cases, the look can appear more like a plus or street intersection.

Churn Dash | Quiltable


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When planning your quilting arrangement, consider the fabrics.

For the arrangement with a darker center block, we suggest the Ombersley Feathers Beaded X-Arches BlockThe digital quilting design draws your eye to the center of the block, as does the dark fabric.

Churn Dash| Ombersley Feather Block | Quiltable

When planning your quilting arrangement, consider the seams.

For the block that creates a visual plus, use the seam lines to place a plus shaped block. We recommend Iron Works Corner Block 3. The coordinating Iron Works Corner Block 5 is rotated 45-degrees and used in each corner. Notice the stitching lines extend beyond the plus seam lines slightly. Quiltable also features a design category, X-Blocks, which showcases blocks that have strong “plus” type intersections in the artwork.

Churn Dash| Iron Works Design | Quiltable

When planning your quilting arrangement, consider the shapes.

In the case of Churn Dash blocks creating a round center shape, consider using a digital quilting block that draws attention to that area. For this arrangement, we’ve placed Block Palooza Design 10.

Churn Dash| Block Palooza 10 | Quiltable

Fabrics used in the digital concept blocks are Grand Versailles by Connecting Threads.

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #prostitcher when sharing.

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