Country Touch Free Pattern

Country Touch Quilt Block

This week, we’ll look at a few different ways to quilt the Country Touch Block Pattern, which is a free piecing pattern from Connecting Threads.

Edge-to-Edge Ideas

With all quilt designs, sometimes a quick edge to edge is just what the doctor ordered. This block lends itself to a couple different ideas for edge to edge designs.

Triangle Grid Meander. This design selection plays off the Pinwheel/Flying Geese elements in the block, keeping the angular look.

Triangle Grid Meander on Country Touch Block | Quitlable

Many quilters will often use juxtaposition to create more visual interest. By this we mean, if the quilt is very angular, place it next to something curved and organic. In this case, the Bread and Butter Swirl is a great option.

Bread and Butter Swirl on Country Touch Block | Quitlable

Block Ideas

Another option is to treat each quadrant of the block as its own design.

Isolated Quadrant | Quiltable

By isolating a quadrant, you can place a simple design on the block, like the Classic Angles Small Square Block, and repeat it four times.

Classic Angles Small Square on Block

Quadrants on Country Touch Block | Quiltable

Of course, with any quilt, you may opt to take quilting design inspiration from the actual prints in the fabric. In this case, our block is created using small leaf and floral designs. For this next block-based idea, consider quilting a single block at a time with a large Filigree Leaf Block.

Filigree Leaves Block 1 On Country Touch Block | Quiltable

Work with a semi-custom concept by isolating each patch in the block and quilting it individually.  To create a unified result, we recommend quilting patches symmetrically, where all of one color receive X designs or all of one-sized shape receive Y design.

While this looks more complicated, it uses only two designs. Classic Angles Triangle Block and Simple Setting Triangle-Pinched.

Country Touch Block Designs

Semi-Custom Design | Two Designs | Quiltable

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #prostitcher when sharing.

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