Bright Hopes Block

This week’s featured public domain quilt block is the Bright Hopes Block.  It is a simple block constructed using the partial seam method. Notice the block is divisible by three, so the finished sizes may vary from 3″ squares to any multiple of three. 15″ squares are a great way to use large scale fabric prints, while creating your next quilting project.

Bright Hopes Block | Quiltable


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Quilt It!

How shall we quilt this single block? There are generally three easy approaches:

  1. Quilt the whole block as a single unit with a single block design.
  2. Mix and match designs to cover the block.
  3. Quilt elements of the block individually.

1. Single Block

Mod Jacks Block 1 looks nice and clean on the four seams of the Bright Hopes block.  Notice the soft round edges on the square lines. This single block design is suitable for all block sizes.

Bright Hopes Block | Quiltable

2. Mix and Match

This week we are mix-and-matching two designs from two different collections to add interest to the block. This much quilting detail would be best suited for a larger quilt block, at least 12″ square.

The center design, shown in black, is Baltimore Concepts Block 4. The corner frame is made of four instances of the Drunkard’s Path Single Corner Block.

Bright Hopes Block | Quiltable

3. Individual Elements

To quilt individual elements, in many cases, you’ll need to define which shapes you’d like to accent. The Bright Hopes block consists of two shapes: rectangle and square. For this mock-up the rectangle block is treated as an imaginary Flying Geese quilt block unit. For this reason, three elements are used to quilt these individual elements.

Center, shown in blue, is Simple Triangle Pinched. This design is “squished” and rotated in the robotic quilting system software to create a square block in the center..

Larger triangles, shown in black, is Classic Angles Triangle Block. This block is also scaled to fit within the triangle space.

Channel-Stitched Triangles Setting Block, shown in green, is the last element on this custom quilted block.

Bright Hopes Block | Quiltable

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #prostitcher when sharing.

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