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How do I know what version of Pro-Stitcher I have?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00
What is a Beta release?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00

Beta software refers to computer software that has gone through our internal testing processes, but has not yet been tested in the real world, and therefore is not officially released as a final version. Releasing a Beta version allows Pro-Stitcher engineers to get bug fixes and new features into quilters hands sooner, and gives quilters the opportunity to provide feedback to our developers. Remember, you can always rollback to a previous version if you find you are having difficulties.

Is there a charge for Pro-Stitcher updates?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00

Software updates are free.

Why does the on-screen keyboard pop up when the numerical keypad is selected?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00

This is a Windows 10 setting and should not be changed. Use the x to close the keyboard and access the numerical keypad.

Why do I have green crosshairs on my Pro-Stitcher tablet?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00

The tablet is in Simulation mode. To exit Simulation mode, go to Settings > Advanced > General, and deselect Simulation in the sidebar. The tablet will need to be rebooted for the change to take effect.

Can I connect my Pro-Stitcher tablet to wi-fi/internet?2020-01-13T13:18:35-07:00

To maintain the integrity of the Pro-Stitcher software, avoid using the Pro-Stitcher tablet computer except when running Pro-Stitcher. For example, if the computer is connected to the Internet, Windows may perform operating system updates that could potentially be incompatible with Pro-Stitcher. It also may expose the computer to viruses and other malware that may compromise the system or lead to other problems that may not be covered by the warranty.

To get the most from using Pro-Stitcher, use the Pro-Stitcher computer only as directed to run the Pro-Stitcher software, the Pro-Stitcher Designer, and other software provided.

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