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Current Pro-Stitcher Studio Release

Version 1582 (Released June 17th, 2021)

Pro-Stitcher Studio comes as a free demo and can be unlocked to full version by purchasing a licenseĀ here. This includes both Designer and Catalog modules.

Pro-Stitcher Studio Software (This is the demo and the full version [unlocked with purchase of license])

Available for all Pro-Stitcher Premium compatible tablets. Visit the education library to learn more about installation and getting started with Pro-Stitcher Designer.

Release Notes

  • The artwork line width default has chaged from 1 pixel to 2 pixels.
  • New designs include notes and keywords from the default style.
  • Selected formats are retained in the Batch Converter and a Clear button has been added to quickly remove selected formats.
  • Repeat point-to-point option has been added in the Repeat feature.
  • Up/down controls have been added to the nemerical fields for the Repeat, Carousel and Reflect features.
  • Overlap Path has been added to artwork edit
  • Corrected PLT design format