PS Connect FAQ List2023-05-18T12:17:56-06:00
Will Windows prompt me to update the tablet while I’m quilting using PS Connect?2023-05-25T15:49:53-06:00

No. Pro-Stitcher manages the connectivity in PS Connect so that the Wi-Fi will be disengaged when stitching using either the Premium or Lite models. When you hop back over to the PS Patterns tab or the Tutorials tab in the software, the Wi-Fi will automatically reconnect. This way, you have the internet when you need it and your quilting shouldn’t be disrupted by tablet updates.

You cannot browse the internet on your Pro-Stitcher tablet, even when the Wi-Fi is enabled. You can only access and our videos.

Will having digital designs on my tablet use up all its memory/space?2023-05-22T15:13:32-06:00

No. The vector-based graphic files are relatively small, and you are not at risk of filling up your tablet space with Pro-Stitcher patterns.

Why does the on-screen keyboard pop up when the numerical keypad is selected?2020-01-04T15:47:09-07:00

This is a Windows 10 setting and should not be changed. Use the x to close the keyboard and access the numerical keypad.

Why do I have green crosshairs on my Pro-Stitcher tablet?2020-01-04T15:46:41-07:00

The tablet is in Simulation mode. To exit Simulation mode, go to Settings > Advanced > General, and deselect Simulation in the sidebar. The tablet will need to be rebooted for the change to take effect.

Which designs are available for download as part of my PS Membership?2023-05-16T14:36:08-06:00

All PS Patterns, by in-house designers, are available for you to select and download. This includes bundles, sets, collections, monthly sets, projects, and more! Unfortunately, we do not offer any licensed designer products as part of the PS Membership.

Where do I find my Pro-Stitcher Serial Number?2020-01-06T11:08:24-07:00

Pro-Stitcher serial numbers can be found on the cardboard box and on a serial sticker on the top of the Pro-Stitcher carriage.

Where did my Quiltable Club go?2023-05-17T07:50:44-06:00

All Quiltable club products (Stashable, Collectible, and Printable) have transformed into a lower-priced PS Membership. Read more about the membership perks and benefits on our Membership Page.

You do not need to do anything to have your previous club moved into the PS Membership.

When prompted, should I opt do let Windows do its normal updates?2023-05-25T14:54:15-06:00

Yes. In keeping with Microsoft’s best practices, you will want to allow Windows to update. This includes updating Windows versions and regular Windows software and security updates.

What is the difference between my tablet and the new PS Connect update being offered?2023-05-25T16:36:07-06:00

You can read more about all the updated features, bug fixes, and expectations on the Release Notes section of the Update to PS Connect page.

What is PS Quilt Patterns?2023-05-16T14:34:12-06:00

PS Quilt Patterns are piecing quilt patterns, developed and tested by their respective designers with development and instructions by Martingale Publishing. They are available exclusively at

** Coming Soon **

What is PS Patterns?2023-05-16T14:14:03-06:00

PS Patterns is the digital quilting designs shop offering an assortment of motifs, pantos, blocks, projects, and more for all longarm robotic systems. It is a branch of the larger Pro-Stitcher family of quilting technology.

What is a Beta release?2020-01-04T15:48:08-07:00

Beta software refers to computer software that has gone through our internal testing processes, but has not yet been tested in the real world, and therefore is not officially released as a final version. Releasing a Beta version allows Pro-Stitcher engineers to get bug fixes and new features into quilters hands sooner, and gives quilters the opportunity to provide feedback to our developers. Remember, you can always rollback to a previous version if you find you are having difficulties.

What file formats are available for the digital quilting designs?2023-05-16T14:29:37-06:00

Each product will have a list of file formats available. For bundles, sets, or collections (generally 5 pieces or more) you’ll be asked to select your preferred file type from a drop-down menu.

The maximum speed on my longarm seems to be slower with PS Connect. Is it?2023-05-22T15:15:34-06:00

PS Connect has a feature allowing it to optimize Opti-Stitch settings based on the longarm machine you are running. You may noticed a variation in speed from previous software versions.

Should I be worried about connecting my PS tablet to the internet?2023-05-16T14:23:59-06:00

Rest easy! Your tablet is only able to connect to and stream educational videos from our approved video host. No other connections are possible. Further, while in the Pro-Stitcher software, working on design arrangments or quilting, the wifi will temporarily disable itself as to not interrupt your work. We also have precautions to prevent against troublesome activity.

If you have more questions, please reach out to us at

Return Policy2021-11-11T10:09:34-07:00

30 day money back guarantee on Catalog and Designer. Past 30 days, refunds are not offered on the software.

My tablet is not compatible with PS Connect. Can I still the update using a USB drive?2023-05-25T16:19:34-06:00

No. To run PS Connect, you will need to upgrade your tablet. All future software updates will be based on PS Connect.

Check your tablet compatibility here on the Update to PS Connect page.

My sewing room doesn’t have the internet. Do I still need PS Connect?2023-05-25T15:00:38-06:00

Yes, you can download PS Connect to a USB and install it on your tablet. We’ve taken great care to roll out many great features in this new software update, not just the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Similarly, if you do not want to ever turn on or activate the Wi-Fi feature, you don’t have to.

Is there an affiliate program for quilting bloggers and influencers?2023-05-25T14:55:50-06:00

Yes. Pro-Stitcher has an account with Search for us there to sign up and become a Pro-Stitcher affiliate marketer.

Is there a charge for Pro-Stitcher updates?2020-01-04T15:47:37-07:00

Software updates are free.

Is Pro-Stitcher suggesting we can now leave our digital design library on our tablet?2023-05-26T09:24:26-06:00

In PS Connect, you can access your Pro-Stitcher account live on the tablet. All the designs you’ve purchased and enjoyed will always be available to you when you log in.

You can also download these designs to your laptop or computer to move to a USB backup drive.

However, all designs purchased outside of will still need to be backed up. PS Connect does not back up your entire design library if you have any designs purchased outside of Pro-Stitcher, PS Patterns, or Quiltable.

If I miss don’t claim a PS Membership download one month, will it roll over to the next month?2023-05-25T15:27:35-06:00

No. Download opportunities refresh on the first of the month.

I’m a PS Member and want to take advantage of a sale. How does that work?2023-05-16T14:31:31-06:00

Coupons aren’t applicable to PS Membership downloads. Every month, you get two downloads. There’s not percent (%) discount and no “partial downloads” for sale events. Each download is just that: a single download.

I wasn’t able to use last month’s PS Membership Downloads. Where did they go?2023-05-16T14:38:08-06:00

PS Membership offers you two downloads, of your choice, each month and refreshes on the first of each following month.

I own more than one Pro-Stitcher–enabled longarm. Do I need more than one PS Membership?2023-05-25T16:15:50-06:00

No. Log in to the same account on each tablet. Items you’ve purchased for your use are available to you in your account.

How to register Pro-Stitcher Designer (offline)2020-01-13T12:03:40-07:00

Download instructions for registering Pro-Stitcher Designer offline here.

How long will Pro-Stitcher support and update tablets that aren’t compatible with PS Connect?2023-05-25T15:10:47-06:00

Our policy has not changed. Tablets have a two-year warranty. There will be new Beta versions of Premium and Lite on the website. Once those versions become final versions, we will no longer produce future updates for Premium or Lite, just like previous Standard and Classic versions of Pro-Stitcher.

How does PS Connect work on a laptop in Simulation mode?2023-05-25T15:21:36-06:00

When in Simulation mode, PS Connect does not toggle the Wi-Fi off and on; it just stays on. On your tablet, though, when you are not in the PS Patterns tab or the Tutorials tab, the Wi-Fi will be disengaged. This way, you’ll be able to stitch, set up workspaces, arrange designs, etc. without any possible update interruptions.

How do I know what version of Pro-Stitcher I have?2023-05-19T13:47:26-06:00

Watch this video to determine how you can find your Pro-Stitcher video.

This Finding Your Pro-Stitcher Version PDF is also available.

How do I get my PS Quilt Pattern as part of my PS Membership?2023-05-16T14:35:37-06:00

Find the selected PS Quilt Pattern in the downloads area of your Account. It is a digital-only product and is delivered immediately as a PDF.

** Coming Soon **

How can I use my non–PS Patterns designs on my new PS Connect software?2023-05-25T16:27:40-06:00

Having PS Connect does not preclude you from adding designs from any other sources; however, purchases outside of PS Patterns will need to be transferred via USB drive.

How can I buy more than the two PS Membership download opportunities?2023-05-19T13:46:36-06:00

We do not currently offer an option to purchase more than the two downloads that are allocated with the monthly PS Membership, though we may offer perks from time to time to our VIP Members and Newsletter subscribers. Sign up here. 

Of course, PS Members can always shop the store at 25% off.

Does the PS Connect software update work on Premium AND Lite?2023-05-25T15:14:03-06:00

Yes. PS Connect is compatible with both the Pro-Stitcher Lite and Pro-Stitcher Premium models.

Does PS Connect allow me to move designs over my local Wi-Fi network, from my computer’s hard drive to the Pro-Stitcher tablet?2023-05-26T09:26:37-06:00

No, not at this time. Only designs purchased and hosted on will be available over Wi-Fi on PS Connect.

Does connecting to the internet void my Pro-Stitcher tablet warranty?2023-05-17T08:38:33-06:00

No. Pro-Stitcher has made strides in making the Wi-Fi experience seamless and safe.

Do I need PS Connect to start a PS Membership for purchasing designs?2023-05-25T15:23:41-06:00

No. You do not need PS Connect. Anyone with any robotic longarm system can join the PS Membership. PS Patterns (previously Quiltable) offers designs in 9 file types and supports all computerized quilting systems.

Do I need a PS Membership to use PS Connect?2023-05-26T09:28:07-06:00

No. The PS Membership is designed to let you pick and choose two new digital design downloads per month to build your digital design library. PS Connect is a free software update from Pro-Stitcher and is offered at no cost to you.

Do I have to install and run multiple updates to my tablet to be able to install PS Connect?2023-05-25T15:25:44-06:00

No. As long as you are working on a compatible tablet, you will be able to download and install PS Connect using the two files provided. Learn more about the install directions here.

Do I have to download PS Connect?2023-05-26T09:31:23-06:00

No. You can continue to operate the latest software version that is not Wi-Fi enabled, though we will be focusing our support on PS Connect. If you are not interested in the Wi-Fi capability, consider downloading and installing PS Connect and opting not to activate the Wi-Fi feature.

Can Pro-Stitcher videos on the website be viewed on a laptop as well as the Pro-Stitcher tablet?2023-05-25T15:32:01-06:00

You can access (designs and videos) from your tablet, laptop, or computer. You can even watch/browse from your smartphone, although that may not be the ideal experience.

Can I still download my Quiltable designs?2023-05-16T14:18:05-06:00

Yes, of course! Any designs purchased through or through are available to you under Account > Downloads

Can I return my PS Membership download design?2023-05-16T14:30:55-06:00

Sorry, we do not accept returns on digital products purchased with PS Membership or money.

If you have purchased a design twice or have some other error in stitching a design, please reach out to us directly at

Can I change my PS Patterns file names?2023-05-24T16:01:53-06:00

Yes, you can do it on your C: drive. Navigate to your C: drive where the folders are, select the folder, right-click, and select “Rename” from the drop-down menu . Type your new File name and tap the space bar to save.

Can I be a PS Member for only 1 month?2023-05-25T14:58:58-06:00

Yes! You are under no obligation or contract to stay with Pro-Stitcher under the monthly membership plan. You can cancel at anytime by going to Account > Membership and selecting Cancel. Anything you’ve purchased will remain associated with your account/email address, and you can rejoin at any time.

By selecting Cancel, you are saying “do not renew my purchase when the next billing opportunity happens.” If you cancel an annual membership, it will simply not renew the following year.

Are There Any Copyright Restrictions On Designs?2020-11-23T18:45:30-07:00

Yes. Please see our Copyright and Terms of Service page for more details.


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