Kelly began longarm quilting on an HQ Sixteen in 2007, and then moved to an HQ18 Avanté®.  She did extensive freehand quilting for her customers, giving her expertise she loves to share with students today.  Next she added the HQ Pro-Stitcher® and fell in love with the precision of the computer combined with freehand quilting.  Along with her HQ Avanté and HQ Pro-Stitcher®, she also quilts with an HQ Infinity® and the HQ Sweet Sixteen®.

Although she loves quilting those beautiful traditional quilts, Kelly’s favorite quilting style is more modern.  Loving all tools and options available for quilting, rulers are her choice.  She loves the precision and professional quilting they provide, and has fun filling in with free motion to add texture. On a great day, she has her HQ Pro Stitcher driving her Avanté, while she works on her HQ Infinity doing custom free motion quilting.


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