Amy Domke | QuiltableAmy Domke was a fine arts major in college. When
assigned a project using an “unconventional” medium,
she made a quilt with the help of her neighbor. Thirty
years later, Amy is still quilting. She loves exploring
new styles and trying new techniques. She eventually
purchased her own longarm machine so she could quilt

On top of accepting commission projects and developing
her own pattern, Amy also has a passion for teaching. She
offers classes at her home sewing barn, does one-on-one
instructions for new machine owners, teaches at small
quilt shops across the country, and leads seminars at
conventions around the world. Her topics range from ruler
work to longarm basics to using software like ProStitcher.

Amy lives in Oregon with her husband, Chip, and their
three dogs. She is an avid tennis player and loves to hike
the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Her work can be seen at


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