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Return Policy2021-11-11T10:09:34-07:00

30 day money back guarantee on Catalog and Designer. Past 30 days, refunds are not offered on the software.

Difficulties registering Pro-Stitcher Designer Software?2020-11-18T15:59:32-07:00

If you are having difficulties registering your software, please reach out to us atĀ or submit a ticket here.

Can I try a demo before purchasing Pro-Stitcher Designer?2020-01-17T08:49:53-07:00

You can! You can download the software here. There is a demo mode available, and it can be unlocked later with a serial number provided after purchase.

How to register Pro-Stitcher Designer (online)2020-01-16T09:45:24-07:00

Download instructions to install Pro-Stitcher Designer online here.

How to register Pro-Stitcher Designer (offline)2020-01-15T13:38:13-07:00

Download instructions for registering Pro-Stitcher Designer offline here.

Will Pro-Stitcher Designer work on Macs?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00

You can find the system requirements for Pro-Stitcher Designer here. Pro-Stitcher Designer is only available for Windows Operating Systems.

Will Pro-Stitcher Designer run on the Pro-Stitcher machine or will it only work on computers?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00

Pro-Stitcher Designer will work on both the Pro-Stitcher tablet as well as on a computer/laptop. You can see computer requirements here.

Where do I find my Pro-Stitcher Serial Number?2020-01-15T13:38:14-07:00

Pro-Stitcher serial numbers can be found on the cardboard box and on a serial sticker on the top of the Pro-Stitcher carriage.

How can I update my Pro-Stitcher Designer Software?2020-01-06T08:25:55-07:00

You can check for the latest software version here, or run the update option within the program.

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