Please see the installation instructions.

Release Notes:

  • Changes Original Height and Original Width to Original H and Original W so it fits in the icon boxes
  • Reset works for flip and mirror
  • Improved crop so it no longer disconnects merged jump points
  • Closing PS Standard and running PS Premium works without reboot or reinstall. However, closing PS Premium and running PS Standard does not work.
  • Basting stitches added for compatible Avante machines
  • Default maximum motor speed set for 2200 instead of 1800 for compatible HQ Avanté machines
  • Max tie-off distance is .25
  • Amara/Forte Tension Reset button has warning/instruction “Are you sure you want to reset tension?” and refers customer to user manual
  • Baseline no longer closes the selected window pane on the right side of the screen
  • Console has tray icon so user can exit/view logs (must right click on tray icon to access)
  • Installer removes HQF files in the Handi Quilter Designs folders and replaces them with HQV files. Triangles HQF files have not been completed yet so they will continue to be a mix of HQF and HQV.
  • PS Icon on OSKStarter bar no longer launches the PS Premium program if it is already.  If open, it correctly toggles between desktop screen and Pro-Stitcher Premium screen.  If not already open, it will launch.
  • Installer has Forte option added
  • Updater will always install the machine console icons
  • Updater will always install desktop shortcut
  • SW312-31 (Acer Switch 3) added to Master Machine Names list
  • User will be prompted if Pre-Install needs to be run