Please see the installation instructions.

Release Notes:

  • User can no longer change design selection during pause
  • Fixed a bug where a bad design would prevent other designs from working
  • Improves stability of HQV file loading
  • Turns off location polling when the user presses the Run button, which reduces likelihood of losing communication during stitching
  • Reduces CPU usage, which potentially reduces tablet temperature and reduces likelihood of losing communication between machine and PS tablet
  • Sidebar no longer is hidden after selecting Baseline after a modification
  • Can select Basting stitches for Avante and Sweet versions with hardware support
  • No longer auto-runs updates (should prevent Amara machines from reverting to other machine types)
  • Improves communications between Infinity/Amara machines and the PSP program
  • Reduces likelihood of unwanted tie-offs
  • Resizing a multi-point area works correctly
  • Simulator does not require Designs Folder on computer to load correctly
  • Preinstall v10 included