Improves installation process Right-click and “Run As Administrator” not required Restores Repair button on installer welcome screen

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Includes all previous enhancements. Allows installation of both Premium and Standard versions.

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Includes all previous enhancements. Resolves unresponsive touchscreen issues. Reduces the potential for Buffer Underflow issues. Resolves the potential for the HQ Infinity console display software (version 47) to crash. Includes options for Sweet Sixteen and Simply Sixteen during installation.

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Skew 2: skew motifs to concave areas Simulation function to practice HQ Pro-Stitcher away from the machine on a desktop or laptop computer, or the Pro-Stitcher tablet itself 500 new quilting motifs (bringing the total to more than 1000), including a designer showcase of motifs from your favorite designers Ability to swap the stitching start

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Allows Art & Stitch to be opened from within Pro-Stitcher without a design loaded or selected. Resolves further cases where the Run/Pause/Cancel buttons were not visible.

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We are continually making improvements to HQ Pro-Stitcher, and are pleased to announce HQ Pro-Stitcher version 43 (14.01.0043). It primarily addresses an issue related to working with the EZ Carriage. Of course, version 14.01.0043 also includes other recent improvements. Be sure to review all of the release notes for previous versions as well.  

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