Release Notes: Supports Art and Stitch 5 Eliminates long stitch after tie off on Amara, Forte, and Infinity machines Installation Instructions Download Version 18.11.0461

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Release Notes: SA5-271-78M8 (Acer Switch Alpha 12 i7) added to Master Machine Names list

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Please see the installation instructions or watch the software update video tutorial. Release Notes: Tablet temperature reduction (further reduces CPU usage) Eliminates long stitch during tie off Simulation button no longer disappears Modify selection (transform to select wouldn't update screen to show) Updated text in Help Fixed two minor crop bugs Image thumbnail improvements Thread break sensor

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Please see the installation instructions. Release Notes: Changes Original Height and Original Width to Original H and Original W so it fits in the icon boxes Reset works for flip and mirror Improved crop so it no longer disconnects merged jump points Closing PS Standard and running PS Premium works without reboot or reinstall. However, closing

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Please see the installation instructions. Release Notes: Prevents jump lines from being stitched out  

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Please see the installation instructions. Release Notes: User can no longer change design selection during pause Fixed a bug where a bad design would prevent other designs from working Improves stability of HQV file loading Turns off location polling when the user presses the Run button, which reduces likelihood of losing communication during stitching Reduces CPU

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Please see the installation instructions.  Reposition Zero works correctly  Simulation crosshairs are green and icon updated  Corrected max speeds  No longer shows "NAN" in rotation  Clearing the Area also clears the trace  Purple freehand crosshairs move correctly on Infinity machines  New Diagrams for threading  Reposition current works if you reposition start it clears current  New Start/End

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Please see the installation instructions. HQ Amara machine option added Channel locks enabled during stitch out Improved Area Resize behavior Changed motor icon for Simulation Simulator no longer requires FTDI and motor DLLs to be installed Fixed slow stitch-out for levered carriages Fixed "multiple application has stopped working" crashes Numeric fields now allow a decimal point

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Please see the installation instructions. New Feature: Audible beep is heard when Area or Mark points are set New Feature: Rubberband Area New: Red crosshairs when in Simulation Mode Default torque limit is now set to 100 and reverts to default if invalid limit entered Improves calculator stability Improves communications with Infinity Resolves camera errors/crashes for

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Please see the installation instructions. Improves software stability and decreases frozen screens and program crashes Improves new/auto start point functionalities Restores proper functionality of Resume after Drag and Drop Restores stitch ability between two mark points in freehand record Adds tie/off and pull-up on Resume during Pause state Improves stability of jump line drawings Segment counter

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Please see the installation instructions. Restores Infinity camera functionality with Premium Includes all new digital designs (some were missing in previous versions)

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